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Identifying the Power Within our Young Ladies of the Future





A Safe, Secure, and Joyful drop in Summer ARTS Series for girls ages 6-13

Activities include;

Dancing, Sports,  Daily exercising, Math, Spelling, Reading,  Spoken word, Arts and craft, Challenges, Summer performances, Fashion design, Modeling,  Etiquette session,Journal Writing,  and much more.....

Things to keep in mind

  1. SOK members  say our grace daily before all meals.
  2.  We will operate as a classroom based instructional program
  3. All members must participate in all the above activities
  4. Your daughter will not be able to start without a copy of her updated  physical with immunizations listed.
  5. Our Girls  brush their teeth after lunch daily.
  6. The words I CAN'T does not exist in our SUMMER ARTS SERIES
  7. We have fun but also make it our priority to see to it that your child walk away learning lots of new things while meeting new friends.


Hours of operation  are  between the hours of 8am- 6pm Monday- Friday.


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Office Hours

10am - 6pm

Monday -Saturday

Please leave us a message at any time and we will return your call.

Program Coordinator

Latifah Smalls


Executive Director


Cynthia Gaines


Founder, Cynthia Gaines

Cynthia Gaines


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Our Partners

The ongoing work of Seekers of Knowledge Inc. could not be accomplished without its many sponsors and partners. 

We thank you all!

Our friends and supporters:

Gap Dedham, Greenwood Memorial Church, Codman Square Health Center, The Boston Society of Vulcans, The Roxbury Community Service Center, Holland Community Center, Cleveland Community Center, Action for Community Development, Urban Dreams, Strong Women, Strong Girls, BNN Cable Access, Health Works Fitness Center, Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center.Perkins Community Center, Big Sister of Greater Boston, Girls Scouts Leahy Holloran Community Center, Boston Centers for Youth and Families, F.A.M.I.L.Y Movement Inc.